Ask PZ

Ask PZWhat is your number one pick-up line to seal the deal?
Little T – Parts Unknown
“Hey Darlin’, when you get done loadin’ my gear I’m gonna need a lift back to your place.” -PZ

Dear Sweet PZ, have you ever passed out in a hot tub??
Jenn Jenn – Nashville, TN
“Hun, passin’ out is the LEAST offensive thing I’ve done in a hot tub.” -PZ

What is, thing of it is, is?
Dude – Meridian, MS
“Yep.” -PZ

Say there, PZ… Whut’s the P stand for?
AZ – Nashville, TN
“I get axed that question all the time, partner. The P stands for Bad-Ass.” -PZ

Where did you come up with that slogan “it ain’t easy being PZ”?
Naticous – SLO, CA
“It was a tramp-stamp on this pudgy girl I used to date.” -PZ

Why you so mad at me??!!
LuvmePZ – Nashville, TN
“It’s all about the money, baby. Gimme my four dollas and we’ll be alright.” -PZ

Have you ever been kissed by the light of the pale moonlight? well have ya…chickee baby?
Ron – Cox, IL
“I don’t kiss on the mouth.” -PZ

How tall is Clint Woolsey
Jim – Location Unknown
“Dear Jim, contrary to popular belief, Clint is 5 foot 7 without the platform shoes.” -PZ

Why are you so beautiful?
Little T – Location Unknown
“Well, Little T, I’ve often asked myself the same question. What I’ve come to find out is some people got it, some people don’t… I just happen to have shit loads of it.” -PZ

Dear PZ, what should I drink tonight?
Todd Stokes – Asheville, NC
“Dear Todd, Alcohol.” -PZ

Is it socially acceptable to wear socks with flip flops?
Chris Hackett – Nashville, TN
“Dear Chris, Only if you’re wearing boy shorts and have the legs to pull it off.” -PZ