Hello All!

Hello all! We are headed out west for about 4 weeks of shows through Texas, Nevada, California, South Dakota, and Kansas, and then back east for some great festivals and club shows. We look forward to seeing everyone, seeing some new sights, and drinking some ice cold beers with everyone! We will announce a release date for the new record very soon. We have postponed our studio time due to excessive touring, and just couldn’t turn down any of these great shows. We will also have an online merch store open soon with some brand spankin’ new merchandise thanks to our family at Losers Bar Nashville , Las Vegas, & Belize! Be sure to tune into the band Facebook and Instagram pages for some live vid’s and other shenanigans while we travel the country and hit some all day happy hours! Thanks for the love and see you at the rock n roll show!

Attn: Stone Senate Fans!

The band is booking 2018 full of fairs, festivals, clubs, bike rally’s, and honky Tonks. Some familiar places , but a lot of new towns on the books. Several motorcycle rally’s, radio station stops, and performances will take us coast to coast this year, and we are very excited to hit some new markets! We will be recording a new record in the coming months, and will have a single release date soon. We really appreciate everyone’s support and love as we do what we all love to do, and please follow our social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube! We also want to welcome Chris Sauerbrey to the team as our tour manager/merch salesman/harmonica player, and check out his merchandise company The Fiftees, for some Stone Senate gear and lots of other hip swag. See you at the next honky tonk!

New Record “Star City” Available Black Friday, November 25th!

Hello all!
We have a new record titled “Star City” that will be released Black Friday, November 25. The first single, “Martha”, goes
to radio Monday, November 14. We made this record a little differently than the last one. Kenny Olson (Kid Rock, 7 Day Binge, Motorfly’s, Kenny Olson Cartel, Experience Hendrix) produced it, and John Constable engineered it. Toby Wright (Metallica, Alice In Chains, The Wallflowers, Primus, Kiss, Cheap Trick, Sammy Hagar, Bulletboys, Motley Crue, Korn, just to name a few) mixed it. We had the super talented and beautiful Bekka Bramlett sing on “Lazy River” and “Over
You”, and the wonderful Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd) play some B3 Organ and Wurlitzer all over the record.
We wanted to make a record like they did back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. We put this team together and were so blessed to have all these fine folks get onboard with us! We are very proud of this new one and hope you all enjoy it as much as
we enjoyed making it!

Look for us in your town as we criss cross the US playing clubs, festivals, radio stations, and anywhere else they will have us! We will also be joining our brothers, Davisson Brothers Band, on some shows!

Good Times at Deuce & A Quarter Studio w/ Kenny Olson and John Constable!

We have been in Deuce & A Quarter studio in Nashville with Kenny Olson and John Constable recording our new record, and have finished 7 songs so far. We are beyond excited to get this new stuff out! This is the first new music we have done with James Edwards in the family, and we have had a blast working with Kenny and John!

Our friend Toby Wright mixed the record along with Kenny and John, and Andrew Mendelson at Georgetown Mastering mastered the record for us. Our booking agency, NahPro, is booking shows and filling up our calendar, and we will be back at radio this summer with a new single and the new record! Thanks for all the support, and be sure to check out our new videos and merchandise! We will see you on down the road at the rock show!

Check us out in the 1069 Rocks Studio!

STONE SENATE in the 1069 Studio 7-12-15

Stone Senate Welcomes James Edwards to the Lineup!

We hate to lose Mike Thompson from the band, but he is moving on. We wish our brother all the best! We have the pleasure of welcoming another brother, James Edwards, of Meridian MS., to take the place of Mike Thompson. James is a wonderful soul, player, writer, and singer! Our first shows with James will start July 9th, and he will be writing and recording our new record with us in August! Its a bitter sweet change losing Mike, but welcoming James. Thank you all for your support and Love! See you soon!

We have signed with Nashville based NahPro Entertainment for booking!

Its a pleasure to be with such a great company!
NahPro logo

Look for some Nashville dates at The Dawg House at least a couple of times a month throughout this new year!

Stone Senate to Work with Producer Kenny Olson on Next Studio Record!

We are extremely excited to work with producer Kenny Olson on our next studio record! Kenny is a great friend of our manager, Erv Woolsey, so it really made sense to get in the studio with him! Kenny has played with a number of different artists in the rock, R&B, and country world, as well as his own projects. He has produced some great artists and records, as well as written some great songs. It will be a real pleasure to work with him and we can’t wait to see what we all come out with!