Good Times at Deuce & A Quarter Studio w/ Kenny Olson and John Constable!

We have been in Deuce & A Quarter studio in Nashville with Kenny Olson and John Constable recording our new record, and have finished 7 songs so far.

We are beyond excited to get this new stuff out! This is the first new music we have done with James Edwards in the family, and we have had a blast working with Kenny and John!

Our friend Toby Wright mixed the record along with Kenny and John, and Andrew Mendelson at Georgetown Mastering mastered the record for us.

Our booking agency, NahPro, is booking shows and filling up our calendar, and we will be back at radio this summer with a new single and the new record!

Thanks for all the support, and be sure to check out our new videos and merchandise! We will see you on down the road at the rock show!

Listen to “Shine”



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