Attn: Stone Senate Fans!

The band is booking 2018 full of fairs, festivals, clubs, bike rally’s, and honky Tonks. Some familiar places , but a lot of new towns on the books.

Several motorcycle rally’s, radio station stops, and performances will take us coast to coast this year, and we are very excited to hit some new markets! We will be recording a new record in the coming months, and will have a single release date soon.

We really appreciate everyone’s support and love as we do what we all love to do, and please follow our social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

We also want to welcome Chris Sauerbrey to the team as our tour manager/merch salesman/harmonica player, and check out his merchandise company The Fiftees, for some Stone Senate gear and lots of other hip swag. See you at the next honky tonk!

Listen to “Ghost”



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