Dead Horse Branding releases announcement of Stone Senate‘s newest streaming releases as the band gets ready to head off on their “Between The Dark and The Light European Tour 2023”.

The below information is part of the Dead Horse Branding press release from November 8th, 2023.

“Frontman Clint Woolsey takes Stone Senate in a new direction with their first-ever European tour after hundreds of sold-out shows across America. With Clint’s commanding presence of country-infused vocals and undeniable stage energy, he defined the band’s identity as being at the forefront of Stone Senate. Resuscitating the nostalgic sounds of 70’s and 80’s rock with modern country rock sounds, the five-piece southern rock band Stone Senate releases singles “Ghost” and “Buddy’s Song” to streaming services from their exclusive vinyl Between the Dark and the Light. Merging rock styles with country and soulful undertones, Stone Senate forges a distinct original sound poised to leave a mark.

“Ghost” and “Buddy’s Song” come off Stone Senate’s latest album Between the Dark and the Light, which was a greater vision of their first EP series, Dusk, released in 2021, and the second EP, Dawn, released in 2022. The two created an immersive listening experience that embraces reflection, foreseeing both the dark and the light.

Set for release on November 10, “Ghost” is a song that enchants the listeners with its melodious guitar riffs, creating a soothing ambience that sets the stage for the challenges of distinguishing between reality and falsehood. Guitarist James Edwards says, “‘Ghost’ was one of those songwriting experiences when the riff revealed what the lyric would be. It seemed to just pour out, and only when I looked back at it did the depth of it become apparent. The term ‘being ghosted’ has become part of the lexicon these days. I know what it means to me personally, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in having felt that way in some respect.” The universal emotions tied to the song are relatable to many, and the depth of the lyrics becomes more apparent upon reflection, emphasizing the emotional resonance and significance of ‘I’m just the ghost you used to know.’

“Buddy’s Song,” a heartfelt acoustic guitar instrumental set for release on December 8, originated during the creation of Between the Dark and the Light. Lead singer and songwriter, Clint Woolsey, says, “I was messing around with some different tunings on my acoustic guitar, writing for the ‘Between the Dark and the Light’ album, and one of my fur babies, Buddy, would always lay next to me while I would play my guitar. I noticed the main riff had him snoozing and snoring next to me, so I titled it ‘Buddy’s Song.”’ The instrumental, named after Buddy, became a poignant tribute soon after. “Buddy was sick at the time and passed away shortly afterwards. My pups are my kids and have always been such a huge part of my life, so I was so happy when Ted, James, and our producer Toby Wright worked with me to make this such a special song for me and for my fur baby Buddy. So here’s to all you dog and animal lovers out there and the fur babies that make our lives so much better,” adds Clint.

The Nashville-based band has partnered with Teenage Head Music for their first-ever European tour. As a true embodiment of southern rock and country essence, Stone Senate has a rich history dating back to 2012, with over 600 performances across the United States. As they gear up for a 27-date global Between the Dark and the Light tour spanning November and December, the band is set to make a lasting impression on the international stage.

Stone Senate continues to redefine the rock genre as a force reshaping the landscape with a sound that’s been compared to a heavier version of Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band. With a genre-defying approach, a legacy of live performances, and a lineup of exceptional musicians, Stone Senate peels back the layers of creativity through the soulful alchemy of songwriting.”

For more information on the partnership between Dead Horse Branding and Stone Senate head over to the Dead Horse Branding website.

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