Stone Senate Will Perform at The Sunset Sessions in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, Feb 23!

The Sunset Sessions Events are music industry “conventions” that bring together two sects of our industry that don’t intersect otherwise.

Sunset Sessions’ main purpose is to expose the tastemakers of the music business to the freshest new talent and treat them to performances by some legendary favorites. Our primary purpose is to “Give Artists a True Chance to be Heard” and in 2013 will be our 16th accomplishing this mission. Sunset Sessions is held over 3 days and nights.

The February flagship event focuses on the Triple A format and the June Sunset Sessions ROCK! event focuses on the Active Rock and Alternative formats of music. Our model is different from any other industry event, in that we actually sponsor the radio programmer and music supervisors to join us, and in return they attend all of the Main Stage showcases – GUARANTEED. We actually take roll call! These tastemakers are all there with open ears and an open heart to discover and help break the Sunset Sessions artists.

Event attendees include radio programmers, music supervisors from film, television, ads, games & sports, along with artist’s managers, major & independent record labels, press, booking agents, and dozens of artists. This is the single most powerful “one stop shop” for an artist to get a chance to be heard by people who can change their careers and hundreds of alumni’s successes prove how well it works.

Sunset Sessions & it’s founder – Michele Clark (former independent radio promotion person), have been instrumental in launching & developing the careers of Jason Mraz, Matchbox Twenty, Jack Johnson, The Black Keys, Five For Fighting, Hootie & the Blowfish, Maroon 5, Coldplay, John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, The Zac Brown Band, Ryan Adams, Joss Stone and thousands more.

Sunset Sessions also hosts Songwriters Retreats and Sunset Sessions Tours to further our mission of helping artists. As we expand our business and look to the future we put even more of the spotlight on the newest, biggest and brightest artists who come together with their common passions and desire to create change in the world and have their music be heard!

Listen to “Ghost”



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