Clint Woolsey Interview on the Beyond Rad Podcast

Clint Woolsey calls in for an Interview on Beyond Rad Podcast.

“The album “Between the Dark and the Light” covers the entire spectrum of way up high, to the lowest lows. This feels like the best album we (Stone Senate) have done, and was written by all 5 band members (James Edwards, Paul Zettler, David Zettler, Ted Hennington, and Clinton Woosley), as well as our buddy and producer, Toby Wright. The first EP, “Dusk”, was the first batch of songs we had, and has some tasty southern rockin’ guitar licks, dark grooves, and will definitely take the listener on a picturesque ride. It rocks you up, mellows you down, and ends with an epic 6 minute song featuring a dueling guitar solo.”

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