American Songwriter Interviews Stone Senate

American Songwriter sits down with Clint Woolsey and James Edwards of Stone Senate for their new article “Stone Senate’s Musical Rise is No ‘Slow Crusade'”.

“Stone Senate’s very bold name, prompting allusions to the likes of Metallica and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the deep, brooding quality of lead singer Clint Woosley’s voice, doesn’t leave the five piece Nashville band all that aligned with thoughts of delicate musical repertoire. The inaugural Rollin’ the Dice Records group is out to demonstrate that Stone Senate—Clinton “Clint” Woolsey (Vocals, Guitar); Ted Hennington (Guitar); James Edwards (Guitar, Vocals); Paul Zettler (Bass, Vocals) and David Zettler (Drums, Vocals) —can embrace heaviness and intensity through more than just the volume dial or direct topical imagery, to very emotionally moving results.”

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